3 Easy Ways To Make Breasts Firm And Lifted

By 19 July 2018

Most women wonder whether their saggy breasts can ever become firm again. Many issues can cause sagging of breasts: hormonal imbalances, child birth or breastfeeding, excess weight loss, and even normal aging are some of the most common causes of sagging breasts. Sagging breasts in the 20s and 30s can make one look older than they are and also greatly impact one’s confidence and self esteem. So today, we will discuss some of the best ways to tighten loose and sagging breasts.


1. Do chest exercises

Regular chest exercises are the best ways to tighten sagging breasts after weight loss. If you have lost over 200 pounds, then you may need to surgically tighten the breasts to remove the excess skin. However, in case of sagging breasts caused by normal aging or pregnancy and nursing, then the following exercises may help to an extent:

  • Wall push-ups– These target the pectoral muscles that are located under the breasts. Stand facing the wall. Keep your palms flat on the wall at shoulder length with shoulder distance width apart. Bending your elbows, lean in towards the wall. Push back from the wall, keeping elbows bent. Make sure you avoid undue stress on the joints. Return to start position and increase distance from the wall. This is to increase the stress on the pectoral muscles. Do 3 sets with 12 push-ups in each set.
  • Back arch-Kneel on the floor with your head and back erect. Place your arms against the side of your body. Slowly incline the head forwards and tuck the chin on your chest. Then slowly take your head backwards arching the spine. You can use your thighs and arms for support. Breathe in deeply as you arch the spine and breathe out as you return to the erect position. Do 3 times a day to improve posture and also firm the breast muscles.
  • Pectoral exercises with dumbbells– Lie on your back. Hold two dumbbells over your chest with your hands, palms facing towards each other. Now lower the arms to the sides so they are at chest level. Always keep elbows at fixed levels and do not lower the weights too low. Each time you bring your arms up, squeeze the chest muscles. Do 3 sets with 10-12 repetitions.
  • Floor pushups– These are like wall pushups but you do them on the floor. Lie on a yoga mat. Raise your body by lifting your arms, keeping your toes firmly on the ground. Slowly lower your arms and touch your torso to the floor. Repeat 10 times. Increase the number of repetitions as your body gets stronger.

2. Massage

Massage your breasts 3 times a week to tighten sagging breasts after weight loss or child birth. You can perform a self massage using olive oil or any massage lotion. Massaging helps strengthen the pectoral muscles an also firms up the skin by improving its elasticity and texture. If you are unable to self massage, seek professional help. Always massage in gentle circular motion upwards and towards the head. Here are the steps: Hold your breasts like you do when trying to create a cleavage. Now rotate the breasts in circular rotations inward and outward. Do 300 rotations in this manner, at least 2 times a day to firm the muscles of the breasts.

3. Wear a good fitting bra

Not wearing a bra can actually cause your breasts to sag even more, especially if you have large breasts. So wear a good fitting bra. Remember to get yourself measured annually by a professional bra fitter so you can choose the correct bra size. More than 70% women are known to wear the wrong bra size. A brassiere in the correct size can keep the shape of your breasts and even enhance your posture. Make sure your breasts are not spilling out of the bra cups-if they are, you need to get a bigger cup in the same size. A firm sports bra must also be worn while exercising to prevent sagging of breasts.


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