5 Best Exercises To Torch Your Flabby Belly

By 28 March 2017

Your body is a machine that you must do your best to take care of, however if you have let yourself build up some extra body fat over the years and you are starting to notice your love handles more often you might not be looking exactly like you had hoped. I have good news though; you can reduce your body fat faster than you increased it, and start dropping the weight fast. Adopt these 7 simple-to-start tips and your body will start changing quickly!

1. Zigzag Your Calorie Intake

Your body stores your food for energy and naturally your body stays prepared for times of possible starvation. If you consume the same calories each day even while dieting, your body will eventually adjust by lowering your metabolic rate. Your body does this to prevent you from burning off too many calories too quickly (starving).

By adjusting your calories daily, you are able to outsmart your body and start to lose fat without completely stalling your metabolism. With varying your food intake and calories each day, you can keep your starvation mechanism confused enough that you rarely feel hungry and you continue to burn fat.

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