For years, we’ve been hearing about the detriments of saturated fat and/or cholesterol on our health.

But now, over the past few years, sugar has begun taking some blame for the cascade of health issues it has on the body. Today, hopefully you’re learning that it’s actually the sugar we consume (in a variety of forms) that most greatly impacts not only heart health, but so many other areas of your health, fitness, and overall lifestyle.

There’s no doubt that sugar may impact your waistline, but maybe your waistline is just as you like it. Do you still need to consider your sugar intake? Check out the seven symptoms below to see if your body is trying to tell you, “Help! I’ve had enough!” Then, decide for yourself.


I love my morning cup of Joe just as much as the next person. BUT I’m not reliant on it to function — and more than 8-to 10-ounces for me is plenty. On the other hand, I’ve worked with countless people who are dependent on a minimum of 2-to 3 cups of coffee (really, more like 40+ ounces) before they can even tackle their email inbox, and are repeat offenders throughout the day with soda (diet or regular), coffee shop cocktails and energy drinks. Your body fighting the daily 3 pm nap session is not just a sign that you’re tired. It may be that your diet needs a break from sweets (especially hidden ones). When you consume sugar, it is quickly digested and raises blood sugars rapidly. But it’s also a great example of, “what goes up must come down,” as your blood sugars will do just that — plummet. This energy crash leaves your body in distress and in need of insta-energy. Enter: caffeine (or craving for more sugar). First off, down a glass or two of water first, as this will be your biggest energy boost. If you still need a pick-me-up, tea could be a great option without the repercussions later.

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