9 DIY Face-Mask Hacks That’ll Clear Up Acne and Give You Flawless Skin

In recent months, face masks have become as much as a beauty essential as eyebrow pencils and nude lipstick. Whether your skin is dry or oily, wrinkled or smooth, there is a mask for you. But seeing as most Teen.com readers are, well, teenagers, it only makes sense that a major skincare concern is fighting acne.

We already know that there are tons of hacks to help fight pimples, including ones that use products found in your kitchen, but were you aware that you can combine this phenomenon with the world’s obsession with masks and create your very own skincare solutions? Check out the below natural recipes and say hello to clear, glowing skin!

1. A combination of honey, lemon and baking soda was target your problem areas while still gently treating the rest of your skin:

2. Using this coconut-oil based mask is perfect for those who have acne AND dry skin:

3. If you have clear skin now but struggled with acne in the past, you probably have some scars that are super hard to fade. Luckily, this mask will start getting rid of the scarring quicker than ever before:

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