The 18-year-old girl we are talking about is called Victoire Macon Dauxere, a French high school student. During her finals, she spent most of her time studying, but one day she decided to take a day off and went shopping with her mam. She didn`t know that this day would change her entire life.

While shopping at the mall, she came across a modeling agency. Since then, her only dream was to study at the Science Po- prestigious university in Paris. But when she saw the agency, she immediately changed her mind, thinking that being a model is every teenage girl`s dream.

Victoire joined Elite modeling agency, which turned her life into a living hell! Quickly, she got trapped in the cruel modeling world, where the only worthy and praised thing is the body. Nobody told Victoire she had to lose some weight because, according to the modeling standard, she was a bit fat. She remembers that period: “They told me this in September, right before the Fashion weeks. All the clothes were size 32 or 34, and they had to fit me.”

So she did what she had to do, she stopped eating almost completely, and lost 22 lbs. in only 2 months! What was her secret diet? She ate only 3 apples a day, and drank sparkling water to make her feel full. Once a week, she also ate a small piece of chicken or fish.

Her diet plan really worked. She is 5`10“ tall, and weighted 103 lbs. at that time. She was immediately booked for fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York, working for popular brands like Miu Miu or Alexander McQueen, rated as one of the top 20 models of these agencies.

Despite her success, the ugly truth was that she was suffering from anorexia. “I used to measure my pulse every weak, and it was always very weak. I started losing my hair and discovered that I had osteoporosis. After a while, my periods stopped”, she said. During the fashion week shows, she even fainted a few times.

The worst and most confusing thing for her was that the agency manipulated her photos. “They were adding weight to my cheeks and thighs. And you`re not allowed to say anything, because you may lose your job.” said Victoire. As she states, models will eat some snack in from of the journalists, which they vomit once the journalists and the cameras are gone.

It was the worst time of her life. She was constantly feeling miserable, and even tried committing suicide once. As she said: “I lost myself, and nobody understood this. Everybody thought I was living some perfect life, that my dream came true, but the truth was that I just wanted to get out of that hell.” She became bulimic and was constantly depressed.

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