Detox Your Body in Just 5 Days

By 6 April 2017

Summer can be full of temptations, from poolside cocktails to barbecues and ice cream trucks. It’s the ultimate dilemma: You want to look good on the beach, while not spending sunny days watching your waistline. That’s why we’ve built a five-day detox plan that will let you cut back during the week so you can indulge a little more on Saturday and Sunday.

Detox Day 1:

Breakfast: Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie (299 cals per serving)
With higher levels of antioxidants than standard green tea, matcha is the darling of the health world right now. In addition to offering up a hit of caffeine, matcha may have special detoxifying properties due to its high levels of chlorophyll. Combined with protein powder, vitamin-rich spinach and fiber-packed pear, this smoothie is a nutrient-packed way to start your day.

Lunch: Vegan Lentil Salad Recipe (296 cals per serving)
You know why we love lentils? They take only about 20 minutes to whip up, and are packed with protein, fiber and iron. Top them off with a slew of your favorite veggies (asparagus, peas, carrots, snap peas and zucchini are featured here) for a heartier take on a classic salad.

Dinner: Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs Recipe (107 cals per serving)
Zoodles are a detoxer’s best friend. You get all the joy of slurping up noodles, with none of the bloat-inducing gluten or carbs. Lean turkey meatballs offer up plenty of protein, with less fat than your grandma’s recipe.

Snack: Antioxidant Fruit Salad with Bee Pollen (296 cals per serving)
Fruit salad never looked so good. Berries, nectarines, plums and cherries fill your bowl, for a naturally sweet treat. Skip the vanilla-honey topping, or halve it if you’re trying to cut back on sugar.

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