Do This Tonight. Be Healthier Tomorrow.

By 1 September 2017

Want to wake up tomorrow a little healthier than you were today? Well, you’re in luck because PopSugar came up with a list of 25 things you can do before you crash tonight that will give you an edge on tomorrow. While there are things on this list we are already doing, there are definitely a few that we are adding to our daily to-do list (check out numbers 3, 9 and 11).
1. Drink green tea to boost your metabolism.

2. Set your alarm an hour earlier to squeeze in a morning workout.

3. Have sex to help beat stress and boost immunity.

4. Drink a glass of water to help clear your skin.

5. Ditch late-night carbs to lose weight; save them for breakfast instead.

6. Do a short yoga sequence to de-stress and relieve anxiety.

7. Eat salmon (or other omega-3-rich foods) for dinner to help lower the risk of developing breast cancer.

raw salmon
8. Try preparing overnight oats for a grab-and-go healthy breakfast.

9. Sip on a glass of wine to reduce the risk of heart attack and increase bone strength.

10. Pack a gym bag so you’re ready to start your workout in the morning.

11. Slow down your dinner; eating quickly can stop you from realizing when you’re really full.

12. Pack healthy snacks so you don’t give in to junk-food cravings at work tomorrow.

13. Prep for sleep earlier than usual to wake up with ease.

14. Find time to meditate — it will help you focus and relax.

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