Here Are 3 Natural Ways To Grow Back Your Receding Gums!!!

By 13 April 2018

Aloe Vera

  • Like green tea, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that also has the power to kill gum disease-causing bacteria. If you have other gum damage or disease aside from receding gums, aloe vera can be an excellent contribution to repairing the health of your mouth.
  • Like green tea, you will want the most natural form of aloe vera that you can get. This usually comes in the form of purchasing an aloe vera plant. Take a leaf from the plant and break it in half to expose the aloe vera gel.
  • There are multiple ways to include aloe vera into your daily brushing routine. You can use the gel as an actual toothpaste by squeezing a bit onto your brush and using like usual, or you can use the gel as a mouthwash. A final way to incorporate aloe vera into your brushing routine is to apply aloe directly to the gums after following your usual brush and mouthwash routine.
  • If you do not want to purchase an entire aloe vera plant, be careful of what you pick up at the store. While the store offers a number of aloe vera options for things like sunburns, they usually have additives that you do not want to put in your mouth. Do your research before making a purchase.

Coconut Oil

  • Adding Coconut Oil to your routine is great for gum health. Known as “oil pulling,” you just put a bit of the oil in your mouth and swish around as you would a mouthwash. This ensures that your entire mouth gets a layer of coconut oil and its benefits.
  • The coconut oil creates a kind of layer that can prevent germs and bacteria for finding their way between gums and teeth, and also stop food particles or sugars from making their way where they don’t belong.
  • The consistency of coconut oil can take some getting used to. Because it is an oil, it is thicker than a standard mouthwash or other liquid. But, if you can get used to oil pulling with coconut oil, you can experience significantly healthier gums and entire mouth.
  • The health of our gums and mouth is extremely important. If nothing is done about receding gums, you may be looking at tooth loss or extreme tooth sensitivity, which can be extremely painful. While receding gums are treatable and can return to a healthy normal, it is important to practice good oral hygiene to stop additional problems from occurring. It is important to remember that once your teeth become so unhealthy that they fall out, there is little you can do to get them back.
  • Take the right measures before any permanent problems occur. Adding coconut oil, aloe vera, or green tea are great natural ways to keep your gums healthy.
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