Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

By 13 April 2018

Honey mask is a remedy very popular and if you want to treat your acne naturally and harmlessly, this is the right choice for you. You can get rid of acne without consuming bitter pills or applying creams and lotions which in many cases contain chemicals and do not give the desired results. Honey is one of the best, healthy, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that you can use at a beauty mask.

Cinnamon has been used to treat a host of respiratory, digestive, and even gynecological conditions. In a recent survey of medical literature, cinnamon has been shown to have potential anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits in animals. It may also have wound-healing properties.Both honey and cinnamon are beneficial for the skin and nourish dehydrated or tired skin in depth.Acne doesn’t just cause marks on the skin and discomfort. It can affect your mood and self-confidence as well. If you’ve had pimples in the past, you know that they don’t necessarily go away quickly. As some spots heal, others may pop up and create a cycle of irritation that seems to last indefinitely. Some deep acne bumps can even lead to permanent scarring if left untreated.

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