How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

By 12 September 2017

You might be overweight or notice wrinkles and lines on your face, and not be ok with it. A double chin is not only alarming, but also downright unacceptable. Whether it is faulty genes, too much weight, or signs of aging, a double chin can never be your best friend. It’s embarrassing; it lowers your confidence and also causes a whole lot of problems. Besides, who wants to carry around extra pockets of fat?

But, worry you not! We have got you covered. We bring to you easy and not so easy solutions that you could try from the comforts of your home or head to the closest clinic around to execute. From knowing what a double chin is and its dangers, to a host of different remedies, you will find them all in this article.

Double Chin 101

What Is A Double Chin


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At the outset, a double chin is a roll of fatty flesh that is usually found below a person’s chin. It is also called a neck wattle and could happen because of a whole lot of fat and/or loose skin hanging out. Although a double chin is not necessarily a sign of aging, some people do experience it as they grow old. It is important to determine the cause of the double chin so that you can use the most effective treatment. You usually spot a double chin when you inspect your profile. It is also quite evident in photographs.

What Causes A Double Chin

There can be many causes of a double chin. However, there are some that are extremely common and most likely factors that cause the skin under your chin to sag. They are as follows:

1. Genes


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Some people inherit a double chin. The genes decide the shape of the face and the areas of fat deposits. Considering this, a double chin will be more noticeable on a round face.

Look around and examine the faces of your family members, close and far. If someone in your family has a double chin, it is likely that you will have a double chin as well. Your genes are responsible for your ability to store fat and retain water in the body. Both of these factors are key to determining the presence or absence of a double chin.

Interestingly, the diet of a family also plays an important role in the development of a double chin.

While it is not wholly true, many believe that if you develop a double chin owing to your genes, it might be hard to get rid of it. However, making simple lifestyle choices will allow you to lose the sagging skin and the fatty double chin.

2. Growing Old


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As you grow old, your metabolism slows down. When that happens, you start losing muscle mass, your bones become weak, and the skin loses its elasticity. This leads to a double chin.

This is the most logical reason. Another major cause of a double chin is the deposition of fat as your skin loses its elasticity once you hit your middle age.

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