How to lose that little belly fat in a week with simple workouts at home

By 23 November 2017

We all know it’s very hard to get rid of belly fat. You can’t expect to reduce your belly or to lose abdominal fat only by exercise. You must take a combination of diet, aerobic exercise and specific exercises for the stomach if you want to lose belly fat permanently. However, in order to lose belly fat in a week, you need to do high intensity training and to follow a strict diet.

Instruction step by step:

1. Avoid junk food and sodas for seven days. This includes chips, cakes, donuts, canned meats, soft drinks and fruit juices. It can be difficult, but if you want to lose that last bit of fat in a week, you need to consume only foods such as fish, chicken breasts, fruits, vegetables and soy products.

2. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This hydrates your body, removes toxins, reduces bloating and prevents dehydration.

3. Eat six small meals a day. Keep a journal noting everything you eat and drink, including the caloric content of each item. Each meal should contain 200-300 calories and should be eaten every two to three hours. This helps keep your metabolism elevated and regulates blood sugar.

4. Perform five sets of 25 repetitions of basic abdominal exercises four times a week.

5. Do five sets of bicycle crunches for one minute each, four times a week. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, lift your legs fully stretched, and alternate from side to side in a pedaling motion. As you do this, touch your left elbow with your right knee, then your right elbow with your left knee.

6. Make intervals of high-intensity cardio training for at least 30 minutes for six consecutive days. Try running around a track, a park or in your neighborhood for two minutes and then rest two minutes. Do rope jumping for three minutes and then rest for a minute.

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