How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs

By 19 September 2017

If you go online and google how to lose weight in your thighs, you’re gonna get flooded with a whole lot of sites made by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

They’ll tell you to do all sorts of leg exercises or even ride a bike to get your thighs under control.

But, this doesn’t really address the problem, does it?

After all, leg exercises are designed to build muscle mass. Muscle mass adds size to your legs. And this is not what you’re after if you’re wanting to lose weight in your thighs, right?

If you’re unhappy with your thighs, it is likely due to one of three causes:

1. You have too much fat on them.

2. You have too much muscle on them.

3. You have no discernible muscle tone.

More then likely, since you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re suffering from problem number 1 or 2, or both. You could also be suffering from problem 3, but not know it, since your fat is covering whatever muscle on your legs there may be.

No matter if your problem is that you have too much fat on your thighs, or if you have too much muscle on your thighs, the solution to both problems is the same. You might not be happy to hear it, but the only sure-fire solution to lose your fat and/or your muscle on your thighs is to run, and run lots.

It’s called marathon cardio, or roadwork. It’s the same thing that boxers do to get down to weight before a big fight. It involves doing long periods of low intensity running. What do I mean by long periods of running? I mean at least 45 minutes, and anywhere up to 1 hour.

Running with low intensity for a fairly long period of time will also have the effect of toning your leg muscles, making the need to work them with traditional legs exercises disappear. It also won’t make your leg muscles visibly larger – so long as you run for at least 45 minutes per session. Think about it for a second, you don’t see any long distance runners out there with thighs the size of tree trunks, do you? No, and there is good reason for this.

This solution isn’t pretty, but it does work, and it is the only thing that definitely will work on your thighs. This solution works just as well for men as it does for women.

That said, it may be very difficult, if not impossible for you to go out and start cardio sessions of that length if you don’t already exercise regularly. You’ll need to start small, and work your way up to that amount. Don’t expect any miracles right off the bat, but by the time you get up to 45 minutes in a row at least 4 times a week, you will begin to see results almost immediately.

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