How to use Baking Soda for Dark Spots

By 30 April 2017

Dark or brown spots occur due to exposure of skin to the sun and that causes excessive production of melanin which turns the skin to darker. These spots are also known as sun spots (caused due to sun exposure), age spots (caused due to aging) or hyper-pigmentation.

This appears mainly on the areas like face, neck, back, chest, shoulders, hands and legs where it is easily exposed to sun, dirt or impurities and can be seen most commonly in adults of above 40 years. Hormonal imbalance, stress, vitamin deficiency, aging, acne, weak functioning of body parts are some of the factors causing black or dark spots on the skin.

Although these spots are harmless to the skin but make you look unattractive and affect your self – esteem. Don’t panic, there are many natural remedies that are easily available at home to fade away these spots and brighten up your skin with even skin tone.

Baking soda comes first in treating many health and beauty ailments including dark spots. Here are some of its properties that help you to know how it works for fading dark spots and acne scars on the skin.

  • It has an excellent exfoliating property that exfoliates the skin to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil that trapped in the skin pores to remove darkness and roughness to brown spots.
  • It effectively encourages the growth of collagen to get rid of the spots or scars on the skin. This also helps to shed the skin and thus encourages the growth of new skin.
  • It maintains the balance of the pH levels that in turn helps to prevent the bacteria or any other microbes affecting the immune system and causing these spots on the skin.
  • It acts as a drying agent that dries out the skin pores by removing the oil and dirt which are trapped in the skin and clears the age spots and scars.
  • It has skin lightening and bleaching property that lighten up these black spots naturally and leaves you with even skin tone.

After knowing about its properties, want to give a trial to this baking soda for dark spots. Then here are the best and most effective ways of using baking soda to get rid of dark spots.

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