Place 3 cut lemons on your nightstand – This trick will change your life forever, believe it or not

Negative energy can affect your health, relationships and prosperity and disturb the environment at home. Our rational mind cannot comprehend some rituals and remedies, which are a challenge to logic. This article will discuss something that perhaps few people believe. There is nothing better than lemon to neutralize bad energy, improve the economy and restore harmony, according to some people. Lemon contains multiple beneficial properties, not only for health and beauty, but also from the energy point of view.

The very presence of lemons will protect your home from negative energy. Green lemons will do the trick!

In different ways you can use its neutralizing power:

In various sectors of the house and place 3 green lemons, discarding and replacing them when they become yellow or black.

Boiling its crust in rainwater is another way is to benefit from its vapors.

Lemon is  quiet and safe as bad waves will not affect you and absorbs negative energy.

Put a clay, basket or  ceramic pot with 9 lemons above the refrigerator, on a bed of rice. In the center put 1 lemon and 8 others around it for wealth.

In your purse put 3 lemons or in a desk drawer to protect you from negative energy at work.

Mix atomized spray water with lemon juice and spray it roughly around your home. On the corners pay special attention.

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