Diabetes is a very common problem that affects many people around the world. Common symptoms of diabetes include: frequent night urination, thirst, rapid weight loss, reduction or slow healing of wounds, blurred vision and fatigue.


All of this leads to serious health problems, such as poor vision, blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease and heart disease.
Anyhow, experts around the world agree this home-made recipe based around a single boiled egg is a very efficient and useful weapon in the fight against high blood sugar.
Note: when using this recipe, you should be careful with other foods you consume to avoid foods that additionally increase your blood sugar levels. And since its made with only two ingredients, all you really need should be easily available to you any time: boiled egg and vinegar.
Here’s what you need to do – boil an egg in the evening and after you peel it make a few holes in it using a fork. Put the egg in a bowl and pour vinegar over it. Leave it overnight. In the morning, pour away the vinegar and eat the egg. While eating the egg, drink a glass of warm water in which you need to dissolve a tablespoon of vinegar. We all know that eggs are loaded with healthy nutrients and they’re great way to add healthy protein in your diet! It will reduce your appetite and you will feel full of energy!

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