Slim Your Inner Thighs With Our 5-Minute Workout

By 5 April 2017

The exercises are the combination of strengthening and cardio workouts which are perfect for the inner and outer thighs. You will need to spare just 5 minutes of your time to practice this highly recommended exercises. It is guaranteed that you will get the results but alsothe burninglegs, too.


  1. Gate Swing With Cross

You need to get in the starting position,feet wider, shoulder-width apart. The toes are pointed out to the side.Do the squat byjumping on the feet together, crossing the legs, leftin front of the right, and otherwise. Jump up and squatdown, crossing the right leg in front of the left. Repeatthis exercisefor 30 seconds.

  1. Side Lunge

The starting position is with the feet together. Then, you should take a wide step to the side with the right foot. Do the squat into theleft heel. The left leg is standingstraight. Jump one step tothe side with the right foot in. Get back and jump to the side with the other. Do the squat. Get back to your starting position. Repeatthe movements for 30 seconds.

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