Top 8 Exercises to Lose Cellulite

By 7 September 2017

The knowledge about the cellulite is crucial for all of you that want to reduce it. There are a lot of reasons why cellulite appears on your body, such poor diet and lifestyle choices, genetic predisposition, hormonal reasons and age.


Cellulite is a fat deposit that appears just below the skin, typically in the lower pelvic region and the abdomen.

As cellulite concerns, most of the people, specifically the women, the good news is that it CAN be reduced, which in another hand helps your body to become firmer and leaner.

There are plenty of exercises that treat this issue, however, we offer you a workout that we believe is the best. Follow the movements on gifs (pictures) bellow.

1- Jumping Jack Toe Touch

Perform 20 reps total


2- Lunges Step-Up

Perform 25 reps and 3 sets


3- Side Lunges

Perform 12 Reps and 3 sets


4- Burpees

Perform 10 Reps and 3 sets


5- Bulgarian Split Squat

Perform 15 Reps and 3 sets


6- Spider(man) Push-Up

Perform 10 Reps and 3 sets


7- Squat Tuck Jump

Perform 20 Reps and 3 sets


8- Half Jack to Sumo Squat

Perform 25 Reps and 3 sets


Source: (ffbody)

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