What your Feet Say About Your Personality!

By 3 June 2017

Did you know that your toes can actually say a whole lot about your personality? The logic behind it is the same as that behind foot reflexology, which operates on the principle that areas on your foot mirror the rest of your body.
So perhaps it’s not surprising that many foot reflexologists also believe in the power of foot reading. Take Jane Sheehan, for example, who says:
“Whip off your socks and I’ll be able to tell if you are a wild, adventurous risk-taker or if you crave stability, order and harmony in your life. I’ll also know if you’ve been over-indulging in the wine and choccies.”

Your Big Toe
Are you a creative person? If so, chances are that your big toe is relatively big. On the flip side, however, you’re probably also not the best at focussing.
If your big toe is small, you’re probably great at multi-tasking.

Your Second Toe
If you have a particularly long second toe, it probably means you’re a natural leader – maybe even a tad bossy.
As such, in ancient Indian folklore, a long second toe was considered an undesirable trait in a wife as it was believed to mean that woman was particularly naggy.

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